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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

How to Start a Career in Marketing

Marketing is a continually hot field. No matter how technology changes other industries, there will always be companies with something to sell and they'll need savvy professionals to bring their products and services to the public's attention. That's the essence of marketing. Follow these steps to start a career in this lucrative profession.

·  Consider your education. In a competitive marketplace, businesses have more than enough candidates to choose from with at least a Bachelors degree. You would be hard pressed to find a position in marketing without a basic BA degree. Reputable schools can be found in most cities and a Bachelors degree will pay for itself over and over.
·  Volunteer or intern during your summer vacation or the first few months out of school. You will gain invaluable experience and work history for your resume.
·  Polish your resume, highlighting any practical experience and marketing specific classes you have taken. In lieu of practical experience, refer to the class projects, volunteer programs and marketing plans you completed in class.
·  Create a portfolio of your best college and paid work. Highlight the best writing samples, mock advertisements, research projects and collateral materials you worked on. Lean heavily towards the area you want to consider. For example, show several copywriting pieces if you would like to get into a professional writing position. Alternately, choose advertisements you have designed if you would like a graphic arts position.
·  Take advantage of the alumni connections from your college or university. Are there any alumni working at a firm you'd like to work at? Would any of them grant you an informational interview? Utilize the placement office as well who will have plenty of information on interviewing, your job search and hiring firms.
·  Search out a small firm which is an excellent jumping off point early in your career. You'll be a big fish in a little pond which gives you lots of experience on a variety of projects. You will wear many hats so your resume will fill quickly.
·  Collect contacts all throughout your career, not just when you are job hunting. Always have a business card on you and ask for others. Keep in touch on a regular basis. You will most likely run across the same people over and over again. Make friends with people both higher and lower than you on the food chain.
·  Continue your education. Marketing never stays static. Go to seminars or conferences to determine new avenues of marketing and to discuss trends. Learn computer programs as they change and evolve.