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Admissions announced for MBA programme of CIMT

Cimt College invites applications for its MBA programme. One of the best engineering institutions in the Delhi Ncr. 
The two-year MBA program offers specialization in Knowledge and Technology Management/ Supply Chain Management/ and Information Technology Management in third semester and in Financial Management/ Human Resource Management and Marketing Management in fourth semester. Limited seats available in this program. According to Dr. Anil Chandel (Director), “Cimt endeavours to enable future managers understand the challenges of the information and knowledge driven tech-savvy work environment and develop their competence and calibre to meet and greet these challenges. It offers right combination of class-room learning, hands-on-experience of the corporate world and exposure to the experience of the industry stalwarts that will equip students of MBA program to place themselves as managers of 21st Century in the globalized economy.”
 The eligibility requirement for this course is:-
  • B.E./ B.Tech. in any branch of Engineering/ Technology from a recognized Institute with minimum 60% marks in aggregate OR
  • Ist class Master’s Degree in any branch of Physical/ Chemical/ Mathematical Science like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Application, Electronic Science, Environmental Science, Operation Research, Computation/ Information Science or Master’s Degree in Commerce/ Economics.
Note: Relaxation of 5% marks is offered to SC/ST/OBC candidates.
How to apply: Prospectus of CIMT along with the Application Form can be downloaded from CIMT website  Completed Application Form along with relevant enclosures must be submitted along with DD/ Pay Order with amount in the name of "CIMT ACADEMY "payable at our branch at Noida / Bulandshahr in any of the following bank accounts .
Punjab National Bank : Acc. No. 2899002100004692
IFC Code : PUNB0289900


Acc. No. 637010100006125
IFC Code : UTIB0000637
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Boost Your Career With Distance Education

These days the world has become really small. This is just so true. People have come closer. A great and a useful example for proving it is online courses. Now one can make use of teaching from not only people of one country, but across the globe teachers can teach students. However, some people want to study only from a specific university. Generally, that university is a very popular one in which getting an admission is a really big deal and a difficult thing. But the students should not get disappointed; they can still get that level of education through their distance education degree programs. Nowadays many universities are offering their courses through distance education and give the students the best training that they can provide.
There are a lot of distance education courses in India. The course curriculum, the method of teaching and even sometimes the faculty is selected by the university who offers such programs. Even the criteria for passing marks and other markings are decided by them. So the students can get the benefit. It is sometimes better to join a distance learning program rather than doing a course from a lesser known or may be a bad performing university. Though it’s true that getting the exact same status as that of distance learning education universities is little difficult, because distance programs are considered secondary than regular programs. To some extent, this might be a fair thing because maintaining the exact same level of education, discipline, rules and regulations might be a little difficult. Auditing is really necessary to ensure that the institute providing distance education is following all the norms and standards of the parent university.
To opt for distance education programs courses abroador not depends upon the ability and circumstances of the student. The main consideration for studying abroad is getting the budget for it. Not everybody can afford to study abroad. If he/she can get the admission or can shift to the original place of the university, then nothing could be better. One can also go for certificate courses through distance education. The basic difference between certificate programs and degree programs are that the degree programs are a little lengthier and cover a wide range of topics under a particular subject. The certificate courses are of generally shorter duration and covers topics which are very much specific to the subject.
They are mostly related to one specific part of a bigger subject. Certificate courses are good in case you want to make direct use of them. For example, you can do one certificate course and get a job on its basis. But this may mean that you would have to limit yourself to that particular field, which everybody may not prefer to do. So ultimately it depends on the choice of the student. We should make all the plans but ultimately the things are also decided by where actually you are getting the admission. After making that list, you can shortlist the universities according to your own choice.
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Distance education is highly accepted alternative of pursuing education as most youth are leaning to this education system for obtaining respected degrees. Ranges of distance education degrees are offered by reputed distance learning university to nurture students for bright career. Find detailed information about distance education courses and programs.

Monday, 14 October 2013

Distance Learning MBA Delhi Ncr

Distance learning is a new wave in the educational field. Distance learning MBA Delhi Ncr is fast becoming a way of life for the new generation. MBA is one of the most coveted subjects chosen for study nowadays.

Many students coming from remote parts of India in search of jobs, not only have to work hard at the professional front, but have also to keep up with the demands of time, and the demand is more and more acquired knowledge in the latest in all fields of life. Distance learning MBA in Delhi has opened up new and greater number of job opportunities for the aspiring youth. Along with State Universities many other universities from all over the country are providing for MBA by distance education system.

Different courses of different time durations are available in Distance learning MBA in Delhi. These courses provide under graduate and post graduate degrees. Diploma and certificate courses are also available in the same stream. MBA by distance system of education is offered by universities through their various study centers set up across the country. One can join the course as a correspondent student or as a part timer who has to attend few classes down the year at a stipulated time.

Punjab Technical University (PTU), Karnataka State Open University (KSOU) and Lovely Professional University ( LPU ) are just few of the universities which are providing quality MBA programs for the students. Distance learning MBA Delhi is a golden opportunity to get hold of top most jobs in the leading companies of the world.

Education through MBA by distance system is imparted in varied disciplines like Retail Operations, Project Management, Health Care Services, Total Quality Management, Operation Management, Banking, Finance, Human Resources and Marketing. Distance learning MBA Delhi aims at providing full knowledge and corporate skills to the students for their future use. Training is undertaken by the students in the type of work culture asked for by the big corporate set ups. Care is taken during training sessions and classes which are held during few days in a year regarding active participation of all students. An MBA student is required to take up one special subject as a core subject along with other subsidiary subjects, numbers of which can vary from one place of study to another.

Semester system is also followed in private institutes, university colleges and polytechnics for the completion of full course which can take up to a maximum of three years in some cases. Details about these courses, i.e. time and admission procedure, fee structure, number of subjects to be taken up, classes required to be attended etc. are available at the venue for the course and also online. Internet has simplified things for the students of distance learning MBA Delhi by offering comparative study of all that is offered by the education dons through one single channel.

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Monday, 5 August 2013

Careers in computer engineering

Generally, students find it difficult to decide the best option for a good career. However, with a thorough research, they will find that the future of computer technology is simply flourishing, these days. Therefore, it would be really beneficial for the students to make careers in computer engineering. A student with a background of computer engineering can surely make great choices for a wonderful job opportunity as well as career in future. For the students with amazing interest and skills in computers can easily get better job opportunities in this field. However, one should not miss out any opportunity in terms of pursuing a career in this specific field. Choosing computer field can provide great career options to the people in no doubt. If you are also interested in making career in this field then you must consider knowing about the discipline of computer engineering above all.
When it comes to discipline of computer engineering then it is chiefly associated to the designing of computers as well as some other systems connected to the computers. The students with a perfect knowledge of computer and its parts can develop embedded systems into different electrical devices and other elements with great ease. There is no denying to this fact that the computer engineering work creates a great impact on our daily life styles. The task of computer engineering can easily be witnessed and usually appreciated by the people, these days. There are plenty of electronic devices that people use in their daily lives. All these devices are the only result of extremely skilled efforts of the computer engineers. Only a computer engineer can make an electronic system work efficiently so that it can offer great help to men to do different task with great convenience.
There are different job opportunities available today for computer engineers, nowadays. At present, numerous industries are looking forward to hire computer engineers to offer them different job opportunities. Besides the development of networks, a computer professional also have to maintain the stability of design software, systems and test the software and hardware. More to the point, he has to develop dissimilar networks for communication. Since there are plenty of roles played by computer engineers, job opportunities are raising rapidly day by day. Today, careers in computer engineering are getting huge popularity among people due to its bright future. So, what are you waiting for? Look for the best job opportunities available today!
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Thursday, 4 July 2013

Distance Learning MBA Ensures a Thriving Career

As days are progressing, job markets are becoming tougher and tougher for aspirants to make a breakthrough. In today’s world, satisfying one with a mere graduate degree is certainly one of the most difficult jobs. Employers keep looking for brighter students who can manage an organization efficiently. For this, students aim to pursue management degrees like MBA or Master in Business Administration. Every year, the demand for MBA is doubling and uncountable aspirants are flocking from various corners and diverse streams. Every individual dreams to secure a prestigious position in a well-established organization, and MBA is the ideal way-out to make it possible. Be it regular or distance learning MBA, you are assured a rewarding future in both cases.
If you are planning for MBA, make sure you have successfully completed graduation. However, if you are heading on to a regular course, you need a pretty good score in degree course for getting entitled to sit for CAT or Common Admission test. It’s a compulsion for every candidate appearing for a regular course in MBA.
Now, CAT is not one of those easygoing entrance examinations since it is solely based on testing skills. The questions are set from diverse subjects like Mathematics, English, General Intelligence, General Knowledge and Current Affairs. Therefore, it’s clear that you need to prepare yourself to qualify CAT. Once you crack with a good percentage you will have chances to get to the best MBA institute. Moreover, a regular course fee is always a bit higher in comparison to the distance learning MBA courses. Finally, if you can come out with flying colors, you are assured to secure the most prestigious position in a company along with a hefty income at the end of each month.
As far as distance learning MBA is concerned, it frees you of the obligations demanded by a regular course. In fact, distance learning MBA lets you continue your work and study at the same time. There are many work places where employers encourage their workers to go for higher studies. Therefore, people opt for these distance education courses so that they may not have to quit their concerned job and can study in the comfort of their home.
As far as the authentication of the distance learning MBA courses are concerned, they carry equal relevance just like the regular courses. In fact, it’s a big misconception that distance learning courses are not effective enough compared to the regular MBA courses. In fact, a distance learning MBA course can fetch all such facilities you get from a regular one. Now, one may raise questions regarding class lectures. Distance learning MBA has answers for it. When you get enrolled, you get materials, project work sheets and certain applications like videos, tapes and CDs. Through video chat conferencing, you can attend campus class lectures. In fact, you can get to interact with other classmates of your concerned institute.
Nowadays, students are going for human resources MBA. Out of an extensive range of subjects, human resources MBA is the most effective stream in bringing out the management skills of young aspirants. Mostly students hailing from the arts background opt for human resources MBA.
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